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Explain what features LED string lights will have
2019-06-25 19:49:48

The damage of the human body static electricity to the LED light string is also very large. The LED holiday work should wear anti-static clothing, with an electrostatic ring, the electrostatic ring should be well grounded, there is an antistatic effect that does not need to be grounded. If you do not use this product, if the staff violates the operating procedures, you should receive appropriate warning education and also serve as a notice to others.

The amount of static electricity in the human body is related to the different fabrics worn by people and the physical fitness of each person. It is easy to see the discharge between clothes in the autumn and winter nights. The voltage of this electrostatic discharge is three thousand volts. The silicon carbide substrate chip has an ESD value of only 1100 volts, and the sapphire substrate chip has a lower ESD value of only 500-600 volts.

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The direct advantage of applying LED holiday lights to the headlamp system is that it greatly reduces the space required for the headlight system. At present, due to insufficient brightness of LED single elements, the brightness attenuation is more serious, and its price is relatively expensive. High-position brake lights, indoor lights and side turn signals are not widely used in the headlight system. LED headlamps tend to form obvious brand features due to the arrangement of LED arrays. This highly technological headlamp design can fully display the personalized design and brand features of LED holiday lights and enhance the brand. Identification.

A good chip or LED string, if we take it by hand (the body does not take any protective measures), the result can be imagined, the chip or LED string will be damaged to varying degrees, sometimes a good device After our hands are inexplicably broken, this is the fault of static electricity.

If the packaging company does not strictly follow the grounding procedures, the company will suffer losses, which will result in a decline in the product qualification rate and reduce the economic benefits of the enterprise. If the equipment and personnel are also poorly grounded, the LED string will be caused. Damage, rework is inevitable.