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How to maintain LED Christmas lights? What are the methods?
2019-06-25 19:59:06

LED Christmas lights are more illuminating, close to the natural light of the day, and do not make the driver uncomfortable because of glare. Anyone with driving experience knows that when the car is driving at night, when the light from the opposite side of the car is strong, it will create a danger for the driver's visual temporary blindness. Therefore, the LED headlamps are designed to shift the blue part of the headlight spectrum to avoid dazzling the opposite driver due to strong light.

The soil resistance will vary with the seasons. There are many rains in spring and summer, and the soil wet grounding resistance is easy to reach. In autumn and winter, the soil moisture is less, and the grounding resistance may exceed the specified value. The record is to save the original data and do It will be available in the future.

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In line with the ISO2000 quality management system. The test grounding resistance can be designed by itself. The grounding resistance test packaging enterprise and the LED light string application enterprise must do it. Just fill in the various equipment names in the table and measure the grounding resistance of each device. The tester can sign it. Archive.

Since the spectrum of the LED is close to daylight, its light is more easily reflected by the object than other sources, making it easier for other drivers to find and improving the safety of driving. Even at night, accidents can be avoided because the traffic signs are not visible.

According to the requirements of the LED light string standard manual, the lead wire of the LED Christmas light should be no less than 3-5 mm, and be bent or soldered, but most application companies do not do this, but only a PCB board. The thickness (≤ 2 mm) is directly soldered, which will also cause damage or damage to the LED string, because too high soldering temperature will affect the chip, which will deteriorate the chip characteristics, reduce the luminous efficiency, and even damage the LED lamp. Strings, this phenomenon is not uncommon.