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So how should we care for outdoor LED lights?
2019-06-25 19:50:57

The LED pattern lights in the park not only illuminate at night, but also beautify the environment of the park. However, some citizens have recently reported to reporters that some of the floor-standing LED pattern lights in some parks have varying degrees of damage. Many citizens are angry and pity for the destruction of LED lights. People who often go to the park to exercise speculate that the LED pattern lights have been repeatedly damaged. It may be that some people are too "remembering" the light bulbs in the LED pattern lights. Some people think that this is purely vandalism.

The relevant person in charge of maintenance said that unlike other jobs, they did not have a weekend, almost every day. "Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, there are many tourists, and the use of LED lights is also frequent, so the maintenance work can not drop the chain." Maintenance workers can only avoid weekend breaks, and it is a half-day shift.

LED motif light

Street lights, LED pattern lights, because they are used every day, and different from household lamps, they should be maintained and maintained frequently. The industry insider told reporters that according to their plan, a point of LED pattern lights, they have to maintain at least once a week. “It does not include complaints from the masses, digital city management notices.”

So I think this way, because LED holiday lights can not only provide us with comfortable lighting, but also carry people's various fantasies and expectations. Through the changes in shape, materials, order of light and shadow, or interaction with people, etc. Good environment.