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Take everyone to know what are the characteristics of LED pattern lights
2019-06-25 19:52:39

LED motif light

It emits 253.7nm ultraviolet light, and the ultraviolet light excites the phosphor to emit light. Since the temperature of the filament is about 1160K when the fluorescent lamp is working, and the temperature of the incandescent lamp is lower than 2200K~2700K, its life is greatly improved to over 8000 hours, and because it does not There is a current thermal effect like an incandescent lamp, and the energy conversion efficiency of the phosphor is also high, reaching 60 (lm) lumens per watt.

Comparison of luminous efficiency: incandescent lighting effect is 10-15lm, halogen tungsten light effect is 12-24 lumens / watt, fluorescent lamp 50-90 lumens / watt, sodium lamp 90-140 lumens / watt, most of the power consumption becomes heat loss. LED light effect: can be sent to 50-200 lumens / watt, and the illumination has good monochromaticity, narrow spectrum, no filtering, and can directly emit colored visible light.

Low calorific value, no heat radiation, cold light source, safe to resist, can accurately control light type and illuminating angle, light color and no glare, no mercury, sodium and other substances that may be harmful to health. Of course, energy saving is the main reason why we consider the use of LED. Maybe LED is more expensive than traditional light source, but it takes one year's energy saving to recover the investment of light source, thus obtaining several times of energy saving net closing period in 4-9 years.

LED pattern lights are evolved from street lamps. With the pursuit of beauty, the requirements for environmental and artistic lighting have also risen. The enthusiasm for investing in landscape lighting is increasing, and LED pattern lights are in line with people's pursuit. As well as beautifying the environment, it brings the artistic and aesthetic features to the night. In terms of color, LED pattern lights can be made into colorful, multi-projection effects, such as stage, large leisure plaza, entertainment venues, etc.

Engineering design, according to the requirements of the technical plan, prepare the catalogue of drawings; draw the layout plan of the electric lighting circuit; design the power supply system diagram; provide the electrical lighting equipment and material list. It should indicate all lamps, switches, lines, power distribution equipment location, wire type, number of roots and laying methods, wire length and load.