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Talk about the progress of the development trend of LED pattern lights
2019-06-25 20:00:15

The lighting has already bid farewell to the era of a fire, a candle and an oil lamp. When the modern architecture and living environment collide with the lighting of the lights, another beauty of the lighting blooms like a flower. The LED pattern lights are simple and generous, and have strong Chinese characteristics. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be equipped with LED lamp beads. The modern city must use her to make up some unique flavors. The light of the pattern lights up, the red light shines, and the beautiful scenery of the happy atmosphere can be realized.

In the eyes of the Chinese, the red pattern lights symbolize the reunion of the family, the prosperity of the cause, and the red fire, symbolizing happiness, light, vitality, consummation and wealth, so everyone likes it. The red pattern lights hang high, infiltrating the unique and rich cultural heritage of the Chinese nation!

LED motif light

The use of LED light sources in the field of luminaire lighting is rapidly evolving and will replace other light sources in the next few years. Over the years, the use of LED technology in the field of lighting fixtures has had an unprecedented impact on planners and everyone's days.

After deepening the understanding of the LED light source skills, referring to the planning characteristics and development trends of the traditional lamp appearance, and analyzing the existing LED pattern lights, based on the advantages of LED skills, the appearance of the lamps is opened. Look for the combination of new LED skills and luminaire exterior planning to create exotic luminaire LED modeling lights.

The luminaire must be used at a predetermined voltage and frequency. Where the grounded luminaire must be checked for grounding environment, the indoor luminaire can not be moved to outdoor use. Electric, gas, oil furnaces, etc., where the top of the warmer and its similar or direct encounter with steam, should not use ordinary lamps. The lamps can not be installed in the specified wattage.

The pattern lamp is mainly used for the decorative lighting of the LED lighting of the exterior wall of the single building and the historical building group. Green landscape LED pattern lights decoration, billboard LED pattern lights decoration. Opening, marriage, new house completion Jiqing will hang LED red pattern lights, Chinese people in the New Year to hang LED lights. LED pattern lights for advertising, exhibitions, performances and decoration.