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What are the design aspects of LED pattern lights?
2019-06-25 19:43:44

The LED pattern lamp rainbow tube includes LED pattern lamp strip, LED pattern lamp flexible neon lamp, etc. When installing, try not to remove the lamp strip from the reel, and then pull it all the way to the building; because if it is too hard The slamming guide will cause the main line of the lamp to break, causing the lamp to be irreparably damaged. If there is no light in the middle, you can use a blade to cut off the unlit unit and then use the intermediate connector to dock. It should be reminded that the plugs and the tail plugs of the butt joints should be waterproofed when used outdoors.

When there is a bright spot or a strong brightness contrast in the field of view, people will shrink the pupil, form a spot in the eye, and destroy the adaptation of people's visual system to the surrounding physical space, causing discomfort or vision. decline. Glare is firstly due to the high brightness of the surface of the light source. The higher the brightness of the light source, the more severe the glare. If the brightness of the light source is constant, then the darker the surrounding environment, the more significant the glare; the closer the distance between the light source and the viewing point, the more significant the glare; the larger the apparent area of the light source, the more the number of light sources, the more glare Significant.

 LED motif light

The construction of LED exterior lamps has been constantly explored, and has been widely introduced to others. It has continuously launched a combination of various art shapes and data structures. LED exterior lamps are characterized by rich colors, safety, energy saving, and strong strength. The primary raw materials are iron or stainless steel made of various artistic shapes to achieve landscaping and decoration. LED exterior lighting is the road lighting compensation.

The different kinds of lighting, such as the dancers in the street, enjoy the day as a real thing; the night falls, the rich and colorful high-brightness light source adds a bit of silence and beauty to the night. Its point light source is a new patented product of our company. Its compact shape, small wind resistance, large situation and rich color, it uses DC low voltage power supply method, which has the advantages of power saving, safety, long life and protection.

It is used for the night view of urban roads, garden plazas and halls. It is also a symbolic decoration of the Geely Civilization Lighting Festival. LED pattern lights use short time, such as several days to several months, can use light source products like the stars, LED pattern lights are characterized by simple production, low price, rich colors, the lack of brightness is slightly lower, Short service life.