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What are the reasons for the failure of LED Christmas lights?
2019-06-25 19:45:53

We often encounter LED Christmas lights that don't shine. The packaging companies, application companies, and the units and individuals that use them are likely to come across. This is the phenomenon of dead lights in the industry. Research by electronic engineers, the reason is not bright.

The leakage current of the LED Christmas light is too large, causing the PN junction to fail, so that the LED Christmas lights are not lit. This situation generally does not affect the work of other LED Christmas lights; the internal connection leads of the LED Christmas lights are disconnected, resulting in LED Christmas lights. There is no current to pass through and a dead light is generated, which will affect the normal operation of other LED Christmas lights.


LED Christmas Light

The reason is that due to the low working voltage of LED Christmas lights (red yellow orange LED Christmas lights working voltage 1.8V-2.2V, blue green white LED Christmas lights working voltage 2.8-3.2V), generally have to use string, parallel to connect, to adapt Different working voltages, the more LED lights in series, the greater the impact. As long as there is an LED Christmas light inside the open circuit, the whole string of LED Christmas lights of the series circuit will not be bright, which shows that this situation is much more serious than the situation.

Due to the monochromatic nature of the LED light source, it is possible to directly select LED elements of different wavelengths without adding a color filter, and design them as a turn signal, a brake light or a reverse light having different functions. The addition of a color filter also increases the transmittance of light, thereby increasing the utilization of light. In addition, the LED components used for LED lamps are required to meet the traditional light distribution standards, and the selection of angles is very important. The correct angle of illumination means that a small number of LED components can be used for economical purposes. Thermal design is a vital part of the design of LED luminaires. Whether the heat dissipation is good determines whether the service life of the luminaire can reach the set value.

Static electricity damages the LED Christmas light chip, causing the PN junction of the LED Christmas light chip to fail, and the leakage current increases, becoming a resistance static electricity is a very harmful devil, because the number of electronic components damaged by static electricity is countless, resulting in Tens of millions of dollars in economic losses. Therefore, it is an important task in the electronics industry to prevent static electricity from damaging electronic components. LED Christmas light packaging and application companies should not be taken lightly. Any problem in one link will cause damage to the LED Christmas lights, making the LED Christmas lights performance worse or even invalid.