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What is the technology that takes you to the design of LED holiday lights?
2019-06-25 20:03:00

Maybe everyone is not familiar with LED holiday lights, let me introduce you below. LED holiday lights refer to the use of single-chip principle and welding technology to weld a number of LED lights in a certain way in a certain area, and then according to the set time or button to light up and extinguish under the control of the control system, forming a certain Visual effects.

The surface of the lamp adopts 12mm special anti-UV anti-skid all-physical tempered safety frosted glass or ordinary glass, anti-skid grade>secondary, impact-resistant, anti-friction, high-temperature glaze treatment on the glass surface, high-temperature anti-glare and anti-UV glaze in the lamp The optical decoder and LED luminaire are integrated into the advantages of an integrated design.

Light is accompanied by all things in the world. It makes the world full of vitality and vitality. The emergence and development of urban landscape art lighting has added a surprise to human beings and more desire and pursuit of life. In today's era of highly colliding culture, the author consciously guided the traditional Chinese theory of artistic conception into the direction of modernization and created a very meaningful road to urban landscape lighting.

The design should pay attention to the feeling of light sprinkling to create a different natural expression of the four seasons at home. The apartment can be added to the area to bring outdoor views into the room. Starting from the fundamental problems of daylighting, the light and shadow expressions of the home can have different performances during the day or night. To put it simply, let the natural light help you with the design. Of course, if the lighting is not good, then find another way.

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Integrated heat dissipation structure design, LED pattern lamp body heat dissipation design is sufficient, surface cover temperature is low, safety, good protection, heat dissipation structure first flow channel design, 80% more heat dissipation area than general structure, heat dissipation speed increased by 50%, guaranteed LED luminous efficiency and lamp life.

The structure of the LED modeling lamp products is constantly exploring and innovating, drawing on the strengths of others, and successively introducing a combined lamp pole modeling lamp with various artistic shapes and material structures. It adopts DC low-voltage power supply mode, featuring power saving, safety, long life and maintenance-free. LED (LED single module, two-way LED module, special two-way LED strip) / C7 bulb as light source, with rich color, safety, energy saving, strong perspective, etc. The main material is iron (welding shape + baking paint + preparation) ) or stainless steel (welding shape + grinding + preparation) into a variety of artistic shapes to achieve a decorative effect.