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    Spiral Rope Light Tree

    Giant Outdoor Decorative Spiral Christmas Tree Lights
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    2019-06-26 14:13:47

Giant Outdoor Decorative Spiral Christmas Tree Lights

Zhongshan vision lighting company(our former name ande lighting company)was established in 2001, the work area was established in 2005. We mainly produce LED

Christmaslights,suchas the curtain light,waterfall lights, icicle lights,net lights,and   LEDString lainp),causes motiff lamp(3 d motiff and LED rope light patterns, such as

street.it is mainly used for decoration, the church projects, as well as indoor light  oiE design decoration),LED electronic light(such as LED bulbs, Piexel light screems,un-

derground lamp, and underwater lamp)and all kinds of high power LED proj- ectThese products are export Now, our main market is Europe, Japan and Russia.WehaveslaoCE and RoHS certification.